Friday, May 1, 2009


Ahhh life - everything is going so well at the moment. I am loving my job, loving at weight loss has been absolutely fabulous!!! Having a bit of a concern with my skin not bouncing back into shape once i lose more and more. I have read a lot of peoples blogs and weight watcher comments about it before and its never worried me, but now that i have shrunk by 8.6kg (yess!!) i am starting to notice the skin getting looser.

I think over time my body will adjust a bit and it should all bounce straight back into place - i'm young after all!!

On Monday i am going to make an appointment to see the doctor that can book me in to get a tummy tuck. So i can finally get rid of this ugly stretched skin on my stomach - havent had nice smooth tummy skin since before i had my daughter when i was 17!! I figure I will make the booking for 2 months time and hopefully lose an average of 500gms per week i am going to be pretty close to her request of losing 15kg and she will book me in. Only a 5 month wait before the surgery and because i am a single mother and its a health risk having the skin there its FREE!!!

Anyway, spending the weekend indoors because the weather is terrible and i want to spend the weekend with Alyssa.

Have a good one!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Well it was my birthday yesterday (7th) - i am now 23 years old. 23....23....sounds so old, feels like yesterday i turned 19. However whenever somebody at worked asked me 'how old are you today' my response, '23', their reaction has been 'oh my god you're just a baby!' lol certainly doesn't feel like i am a baby anymore. Went out for dinner with dad one night and my mum on the other, have to be really honest here - i cannot pick good healthy food to eat off a menu yet!! I have saved a lot of points both nights because i know how bad i am when it comes to restaurants. However had a sneak peek at my weight today and I'm still losing so mustn't have done too much damage.

HOWEVER i received enough vouchers and cash to buy myself a Wii for my birthday yay me!! Going to get it tomorrow after work, so excited!!!

I don't really have much else to write because my brain has gone nun nights so i think I'll take myself to bed and rest up my Wii arm because I'm in for a long Easter weekend of tackling my 5 year old at bowling (shes an absolute gun!)


Friday, April 3, 2009


Saturday night, dodo, do , do doooo dodo, SATURDAY NIGHT!

lol love that song - anyway tomorrow is Saturday and i'm going out for my birthday YAY!!!!! The big 23! lol its young but its old at the same time - i'm no 19yo anymore thats for sure!! Was a slow week this week - not that busy at work but was still funny and interesting, always is when you're the only female in a room full of males all day long listening to them gibber gabber and muck around!

Only bad thing about this week was my car playing up - had to change some parts to the with the battery connections but after that it was fine, and didnt cost me a cent!! But then the rear view mirror fell off and the replacement i bought was broken, so had to go elsewhere to get a new one - did that, used the $12 glue i bought especially for it...stuck it on at night and int he morning it had fallen off already!!! So went to Coles and bought a $3 glue that said it was fine to use on glass - stuck it on and it was perfect!! Typical!

The BEST news of the week is that i lost 800grams, bringing my total weight loss to 6.1kg woooooooo!!! I could not be happier - every week i think ohhh i have only lost this or that, or i still weigh this much instead of that much - but this week opened my eyes a bit and i thought..back in January i was a lazy unhappy eater who needed to make a change of she would never be happy with herself - and if i hadn't have lost 6kg i wouldnt be this proud of myself for having acheived something thats so great to me. I love this new life and i love SHRINKING!!! heheheheee

Ok i'm going now to relax and enjoy the weekend, and my birthday celebrations!!!!!


Sunday, March 29, 2009


Since my last post i have lost 700 grams (over 2 weeks) and I am starting to feel thinner. My clothes are a little more loose and I feel a lot more energetic. I started the weight loss pill recudtil on Friday and haven't had any side effects. I have heard terrible things about it but so far all its doing to me is when i eat i don't eat as much because i feel full sooner - and for longer.

A lot of people have given their dread stories about it but, meh, i think everything you take is about trial and error - if it doesn't sit well with you then don't take it!!

Well i went to Clipsal on Friday night - was awesome! Bumped into an ex boyfriend who said i was looking heaps trim (ha ha love looking good when u bump into an ex!!) Had a great time with my girlfriends and hung out with my cousin and his friends -was good to see him. Got to see Delamere, Faker, Operator Please, Pete Murray and the BEST of the night - PRESETS!! They absolutely went off - the oval was packed shoulder to shoulder!!! The other great part of the day all the exercise points i earned - we were walking from 2pm til 2am when i got home lol so 12 hours of walking/standing! We barely sat down!!!

Its my birthday next week on the 7th so next Saturday i am going out for my birthday!! Hopefully this week or next week i get a nice big loss as a present!! I'll be turning 23 and its unbelievable that so much time has gone past. i think its more so because 2.5 yrs ago i was 92kg and just split with my ex bf - for the past 2.5 years i have been saying lose weight, lose weight - i cannot believe all this time has passed and i have only just started down the road and ACTUALLY SUCCEEDING. Why does it take so long to get into the right head space or WHATEVER it is that makes you keep going and continue to lose weight. If only i did this 2.5 years ago i could have been so much healthier and happier...WELL at least i am doing it now and i am oh so proud of myself. 5.3kg have left my body forever and it doesn't seem like a lot of weight but i know it is. I just cannot wait until i have lose it all and i can stand up and say i actually worked at something and succeeded!

Well tomorrow is Monday and its back to work :( but i am hoping i finish on time to get to the gym, otherwise its on the treadmill!

Night night.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today has been an average day - work has been bleh and quiet which means i'm copping all the whinging and bullshit from the technicians, but i get where they are coming from, if service is quiet then they dont get paid and they feel the pinch. Still it isnt my fault that only 5 people are calling for their roller door to be serviced, espeically at the moment with most Autralians not having much money - or at least not spending their money on their doors.

After work was good, met Kate for dinner and a movie at Semaphore ($7 all the time, how can you go wrong!) ordered a chicken stir fry no rice on the side. Wasn't too thrilled with what they brought out - for $12 bucks there could have been more than cauliflour, cabbage and celery in it!! Anyway they took their time making the food and by the time it came out we had 15 minutes to eat walk to the cinema, meet Kel and get into our seats before the movie started.

We saw confessions of a shopaholic. I enjoyed it, was funny and cute and loovvvved the clothes and SHOES!!! I'll have to read the books - heard they are great!

Anyway on a more disgruntled note - went on the WW site tonight and see that people have not stopped discussing random things that are non WW related and then having 25 comments of bullying and 'i dont like this, you are being reported'. Gee only 6 posts below that there is a POSITIVE thread going on and perhaps we should all pop over there and remember we're on a positive weight loss journey. Its so hard to ignore posts like those, but honestly why write a response saying you're so insulted when 20 other people have just done the same thing and they look stupid and it got nobody anywhere.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion - you dont need to tell someone off for theirs.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

My photos

OK I have a few photos of me in my underwear posing for the camera to show my weight - at this stage i am a little scared to put them up as i don't even like to see myself in minimal clothing so having other people look at them is quite daunting. HOWEVER i have taken some alternative photos today and will try to muster up my courage to put the others up soon.

NO i am not pregnant in the photo but YES my stomach is quite large!! Mostly due to stretched skin and i guess it runs in my family because my mum and sister both have pudgy belly's and they have always been smaller than me.

And as an added piece of news i weighed in on Friday and lost 500grams - making my 5%!!! It has been 10 weeks but i did it and the slower the better right? Right! So my next goal is my 10% which would put me at 80.2 - I'm aiming to have this done at the end of April so we'll see how I go.

Well its been a very lazy Sunday and I'm kind of glad to be going to work tomorrow for a change of scenery.


My first blog

Well...this is my first time at writing a blog. I have started this blog as a diary entry to my weight loss and my day to day life. I hope that writing down my thoughts here, on hopefully a daily basis, I can clear my head from any mental blocks that stand in my way!

To share a little bit about me, i'm a single mum to a 5yo daughter. I'm 22 yo and i work full time for a roller door company. I'm currently doing weight watchers and have been on and off for a year - but this time i've been successful and determined and have really fit right into the groove of eating right and exercising. I hope to post many photos of this journey as i will be going through a full body transformation and would love to have it documented in my blog for myself and others to follow and to look back on. I just need to figure out how to put the pictures up!