Friday, May 1, 2009


Ahhh life - everything is going so well at the moment. I am loving my job, loving at weight loss has been absolutely fabulous!!! Having a bit of a concern with my skin not bouncing back into shape once i lose more and more. I have read a lot of peoples blogs and weight watcher comments about it before and its never worried me, but now that i have shrunk by 8.6kg (yess!!) i am starting to notice the skin getting looser.

I think over time my body will adjust a bit and it should all bounce straight back into place - i'm young after all!!

On Monday i am going to make an appointment to see the doctor that can book me in to get a tummy tuck. So i can finally get rid of this ugly stretched skin on my stomach - havent had nice smooth tummy skin since before i had my daughter when i was 17!! I figure I will make the booking for 2 months time and hopefully lose an average of 500gms per week i am going to be pretty close to her request of losing 15kg and she will book me in. Only a 5 month wait before the surgery and because i am a single mother and its a health risk having the skin there its FREE!!!

Anyway, spending the weekend indoors because the weather is terrible and i want to spend the weekend with Alyssa.

Have a good one!!

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