Friday, April 3, 2009


Saturday night, dodo, do , do doooo dodo, SATURDAY NIGHT!

lol love that song - anyway tomorrow is Saturday and i'm going out for my birthday YAY!!!!! The big 23! lol its young but its old at the same time - i'm no 19yo anymore thats for sure!! Was a slow week this week - not that busy at work but was still funny and interesting, always is when you're the only female in a room full of males all day long listening to them gibber gabber and muck around!

Only bad thing about this week was my car playing up - had to change some parts to the with the battery connections but after that it was fine, and didnt cost me a cent!! But then the rear view mirror fell off and the replacement i bought was broken, so had to go elsewhere to get a new one - did that, used the $12 glue i bought especially for it...stuck it on at night and int he morning it had fallen off already!!! So went to Coles and bought a $3 glue that said it was fine to use on glass - stuck it on and it was perfect!! Typical!

The BEST news of the week is that i lost 800grams, bringing my total weight loss to 6.1kg woooooooo!!! I could not be happier - every week i think ohhh i have only lost this or that, or i still weigh this much instead of that much - but this week opened my eyes a bit and i thought..back in January i was a lazy unhappy eater who needed to make a change of she would never be happy with herself - and if i hadn't have lost 6kg i wouldnt be this proud of myself for having acheived something thats so great to me. I love this new life and i love SHRINKING!!! heheheheee

Ok i'm going now to relax and enjoy the weekend, and my birthday celebrations!!!!!


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