Sunday, March 29, 2009


Since my last post i have lost 700 grams (over 2 weeks) and I am starting to feel thinner. My clothes are a little more loose and I feel a lot more energetic. I started the weight loss pill recudtil on Friday and haven't had any side effects. I have heard terrible things about it but so far all its doing to me is when i eat i don't eat as much because i feel full sooner - and for longer.

A lot of people have given their dread stories about it but, meh, i think everything you take is about trial and error - if it doesn't sit well with you then don't take it!!

Well i went to Clipsal on Friday night - was awesome! Bumped into an ex boyfriend who said i was looking heaps trim (ha ha love looking good when u bump into an ex!!) Had a great time with my girlfriends and hung out with my cousin and his friends -was good to see him. Got to see Delamere, Faker, Operator Please, Pete Murray and the BEST of the night - PRESETS!! They absolutely went off - the oval was packed shoulder to shoulder!!! The other great part of the day all the exercise points i earned - we were walking from 2pm til 2am when i got home lol so 12 hours of walking/standing! We barely sat down!!!

Its my birthday next week on the 7th so next Saturday i am going out for my birthday!! Hopefully this week or next week i get a nice big loss as a present!! I'll be turning 23 and its unbelievable that so much time has gone past. i think its more so because 2.5 yrs ago i was 92kg and just split with my ex bf - for the past 2.5 years i have been saying lose weight, lose weight - i cannot believe all this time has passed and i have only just started down the road and ACTUALLY SUCCEEDING. Why does it take so long to get into the right head space or WHATEVER it is that makes you keep going and continue to lose weight. If only i did this 2.5 years ago i could have been so much healthier and happier...WELL at least i am doing it now and i am oh so proud of myself. 5.3kg have left my body forever and it doesn't seem like a lot of weight but i know it is. I just cannot wait until i have lose it all and i can stand up and say i actually worked at something and succeeded!

Well tomorrow is Monday and its back to work :( but i am hoping i finish on time to get to the gym, otherwise its on the treadmill!

Night night.

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