Sunday, March 15, 2009

My photos

OK I have a few photos of me in my underwear posing for the camera to show my weight - at this stage i am a little scared to put them up as i don't even like to see myself in minimal clothing so having other people look at them is quite daunting. HOWEVER i have taken some alternative photos today and will try to muster up my courage to put the others up soon.

NO i am not pregnant in the photo but YES my stomach is quite large!! Mostly due to stretched skin and i guess it runs in my family because my mum and sister both have pudgy belly's and they have always been smaller than me.

And as an added piece of news i weighed in on Friday and lost 500grams - making my 5%!!! It has been 10 weeks but i did it and the slower the better right? Right! So my next goal is my 10% which would put me at 80.2 - I'm aiming to have this done at the end of April so we'll see how I go.

Well its been a very lazy Sunday and I'm kind of glad to be going to work tomorrow for a change of scenery.


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