Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today has been an average day - work has been bleh and quiet which means i'm copping all the whinging and bullshit from the technicians, but i get where they are coming from, if service is quiet then they dont get paid and they feel the pinch. Still it isnt my fault that only 5 people are calling for their roller door to be serviced, espeically at the moment with most Autralians not having much money - or at least not spending their money on their doors.

After work was good, met Kate for dinner and a movie at Semaphore ($7 all the time, how can you go wrong!) ordered a chicken stir fry no rice on the side. Wasn't too thrilled with what they brought out - for $12 bucks there could have been more than cauliflour, cabbage and celery in it!! Anyway they took their time making the food and by the time it came out we had 15 minutes to eat walk to the cinema, meet Kel and get into our seats before the movie started.

We saw confessions of a shopaholic. I enjoyed it, was funny and cute and loovvvved the clothes and SHOES!!! I'll have to read the books - heard they are great!

Anyway on a more disgruntled note - went on the WW site tonight and see that people have not stopped discussing random things that are non WW related and then having 25 comments of bullying and 'i dont like this, you are being reported'. Gee only 6 posts below that there is a POSITIVE thread going on and perhaps we should all pop over there and remember we're on a positive weight loss journey. Its so hard to ignore posts like those, but honestly why write a response saying you're so insulted when 20 other people have just done the same thing and they look stupid and it got nobody anywhere.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion - you dont need to tell someone off for theirs.


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